Peula about Rachel Imenu, Learning To Forgo

An activity in English for 4-40 people. Ages 8-14. Estimated time 70 Minutes

40 Days to a New Year

An interactive journey from 1 Elul

40 Days to a New Year

HUG Pregnancy Loss Program

A division of A T.I.M.E. to support people going through Pregnancy loss. Contact Chumie Friedman (347) 986-6443 or email

The Once Experience

Mikvah experience for the postmenopausal married woman. (In UK – see flyer)

Leharot Kochot – Laledet Chaim: Hachana Yehudit L’laida.

(Hebrew book) Companion during and even before Pregnancy: from genetic screening tests, to a description of what goes on inside the uterus week after week and dietary recommendations to a description of the stages of birth and its course plus tips for dealing with labor pains. Relying on Jewish sources: pregnancies and births in the Bible and Talmud, laws and leaderships, sages’ midrashim and articles from Hasidism – all of which will provide you with the necessary mental and spiritual fuel during this significant period.

Penimi (Hatznea Leches)

Curriculum designed for high school girls that includes lots of Hashkafa on Self-Esteem, power of woman, tznius (including Halacha component). Contact (Course outline in CORE drive)