Peula about Rachel Imenu, Learning To Forgo

For ages 8-14, group size 4-40 To teach the participants about (1) Rachel’s unique character, therefore (2) why she’s the only one of our Avot and Imahot who is buried in a different place, as well as (3) why Rachel was the only one who was able to convince Hashem to bring the nation out […]

HUG Pregnancy Loss Program

A division of A T.I.M.E. to support people going through Pregnancy loss. Contact Chumie Friedman (347) 986-6443 or email

The Once Experience

Mikvah experience for the postmenopausal married woman. (In UK – see flyer)

Leharot Kochot – Laledet Chaim: Hachana Yehudit L’laida.

(Hebrew book) Companion during and even before Pregnancy: from genetic screening tests, to a description of what goes on inside the uterus week after week and dietary recommendations to a description of the stages of birth and its course plus tips for dealing with labor pains. Relying on Jewish sources: pregnancies and births in the Bible and Talmud, laws and leaderships, sages’ midrashim and articles from Hasidism – all of which will provide you with the necessary mental and spiritual fuel during this significant period.

Medical Halacha

Contact information for world expert in medical Halacha and approachable +011 5147396363

Penimi (Hatznea Leches)

Curriculum designed for high school girls that includes lots of Hashkafa on Self-Esteem, power of woman, tznius (including Halacha component). Contact (Course outline in CORE drive)