Nishmat’s Kallah Companion

Comprehensive online curriculum in taharat hamishpacha designed especially for brides. Intended to supplement traditional personal instruction, the course enables kallot to prepare and review what they learn with their teachers, and to explore questions they might not otherwise encounter. Available in Spanish as well.

Sense & Sensitivity Mikvah Attendant Professional Development

Training seminar for Mikvah attendants and administrators. Topics include: sensitive language, addressing the needs of breast cancer patient and survivor, Mental Health and its relationship to the Mikvah, domestic abuse protocols, Fertility/Infertility issues and miscarriage

Refresh Your Marriage

Taharas Hamishpacha course – Practical and full of Hashkafa. Separate courses for men and Women. Endorsed by Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst, shlit”a, Dayan of Agudath Israel of Illinois, and Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz, shlit”a, Rosh Beth Din of the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

Intimacy and Sexuality Webinar

3-part webinar on Intimacy and Sexuality for Jewish Workshops in the winter of 2014. Recordings and powerpoints available.

The Roadmap to Intimacy

5-week Shalom Bayit interactive course to learn how to practically implement tools to create the relationship you crave. Contact 973-865-9062.

The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work With Rabbi Dr. Ari Sytner

Online couples’ workshop – course for engaged or married couples. Contact with questions.

Power of Speech- Video Series

Online learning tools and inspirational videos for learning about the power of speech