Protective Light Visualization Relaxation Script

Protective Light Visualization Relaxation Script: This protective light relaxation script will guide you to relax in the comfort of imagining being surrounded by light.

The Jewish Mother: Wisdom of the Heart

Rabbi Lazer Gurkow explains why the Torah identifies the women who helped to build the tabernacle as wise of heart.

The Matriarchs Rachel and Leah: Tears of the Jewish Mothers

By Leah Kohn

Rachel and Leah: The Appearance vs. Reality of Hatred, Jealousy and Deceit

Part 1 and Part 2 by Mrs Leah Kohn

Jewish Mothers Day

Article about 11 Cheshvan, the day Rachel imanu passed away

Stephen Covey & the Jewish 7 Habits

How the fundamental principles of his ground-breaking book can be found in Judaic sources.

Luxury Mikvahs Are Great, But We’re Missing The Point

while fountains and fireplaces are beautiful, a woman needs her soul nurtured at the Mikvah, too. And it starts with the attendants.

Sharing my Chassidic Perspective of ‚Unorthodox‚ ‚ Change Comes from Within

Response to “Unorthodox” by accomplished Chassidic woman

What Genetics Is Teaching Us About Sexuality

NY Time article exploring the relationship between genetics and Sexuality.