A Torah View of Homosexuality

Rabbi Feldman discusses homosexuality in the scope of Torah mandates. He discusses how to have a Healthy conversation on homosexuality using Torah as the basis for discussion. Rabbi Feldman is series, but able to lighten the atmosphere with humor. He keeps the audience’s attention, and is very clear in presenting the Torah precepts and views.

For Some Jewish Teens, Anti-bullying Document Hits Home

Very good description of what bullying is in terms of issurim of speech

What Else Is There To Shavuos|Holidays, Aside From Cheesecake?!

The meaning of kabbalat Hatorah and counting of the Omer

Is it OK to Celebrate Valentine, or is it Against Judaism?

Another timely discussion, gives rich historical background

The Origin of the Recital of Shema in the Musaf Kedusha

An article that helps understand how Sh’ma came into Kedusha, it also explains when K’dusha started and how various situations in Galut lend themselves to creative ways of keeping our principles of davening alive.

Dating Jewish Style – The Search for a Soul Mate

This is a full-sized shiur with many pages of references, notes, summaries at the end. Very thorough for a multi-segment shiur. There are 3 more parts. Great for Kallah teacher or Engaged Couples Groups