Jewish Mothers Day

Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh shares insight we can glean from our matriarch Rachel & the 11th of Cheshvan.

What You Never Knew About Teens and the Pill

Some concerning side effects of the pill – important to be aware of for kallahs who are taking for the first time before wedding.

How and Why to Hold a Weekly Marriage Meeting

Marriage therapist Marcia Berger suggests holding a weekly 30-minute meeting with your spouse that’s broken into four parts: Appreciation (expressing gratitude to your spouse), Chores (making sure to-dos are getting done), Plan for Good Times (scheduling date nights, as well as individual and family activities), and Problems/Challenges (addressing conflicts/issues/changes in the relationship and in life in general). This article is a summary of how to.

The day he met the driver of the truck that killed his wife

A heartfelt letter from a husband to the man who killed his wife

Male InFertility/Infertility: Halakhic Issues in Investigation and Management

Some of the diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for male inFertility/Infertility prompt significant halakhic concerns. Deals with coitus interruptis, masturbation, bi’a shelo kedarka, in this context.