Peula about Rachel Imenu, Learning To Forgo

For ages 8-14, group size 4-40 To teach the participants about (1) Rachel’s unique character, therefore (2) why she’s the only one of our Avot and Imahot who is buried in a different place, as well as (3) why Rachel was the only one who was able to convince Hashem to bring the nation out […]

Shiur by Mrs. Rebecca Belizon in honor of Rachel Imeinu’s yahrzeit

Rachel’s Tears: The Moment that Saved the Jewish People

What was the real test our mother Rachel faced long ago and why is this story so relevant to our everyday lives? In this short video, Rabbi Yitzchak Botton elucidates the life lessons we can learn from Rachel Imeinu.

Part 1 and Part 2 by Mrs Leah Kohn Part 1 Part 2

Leah & Rachel

Two Mystical Models of Avodas Hashem A 16-minute audio by Rabbi Aryeh Leibowitz

Jewish Mothers Day

Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh shares insight we can glean from our matriarch Rachel & the 11th of Cheshvan.

Halachic InFertility/Infertility: An Approach Through Natural, Non–Hormonal Options

Dealing with halachic inFertility/Infertility. Fertility/Infertility awareness based methods.