The deeper meaning of Ashrei


Excellent meaning of the first verse of Ashrei


It is an activity to emphasize the meaning of shema and what we should think about when we say shema

The Origin of the Recital of Shema in the Musaf Kedusha

An article that helps understand how Sh’ma came into Kedusha, it also explains when K’dusha started and how various situations in Galut lend themselves to creative ways of keeping our principles of davening alive.


A detailed chart on which parts of davening are an absolute “must,” where to shorten davening due to lack of time. Great resource.

The Interaction of Kabbalah and Halacha in the ‘Aruch HaShulchan

A very thorough exposition of the subject, Rosen quotes extensive sources and puts his conclusions in a chart to easily see where Kabbalah has become mainstream practice