Living in Divine Space: Kabbalah and Meditation (Teachings of Kabbalah)

The meditation presented in the book essentially involves constructing a cube around oneself – a spiritual sanctuary – defined by the six constant commandments of the Torah. The interior of the spiritual sanctuary thus built by meditation becomes the Divine Space where we can open our hearts to God in Prayer/Prayer/Tefillah. The object of Prayer/Prayer/Tefillah inside the meditation cube is to transform the meditative state into Divine living and to shift from a state of self-consciousness into one of Divine consciousness.

Tefilas Chanah Hashalem- Prayer/Prayer/Tefillah for the Jewish Woman

collection of Prayer/Prayer/Tefillah for Jewish Women

Conversations with God: Prayer/Prayer/Tefillah for Jewish Women

Soulful explanation of Prayer/Prayer/Tefillah, geared for the Jewish woman.

Rav Schwab on Prayer/Prayer/Tefillah

Comprehensive analysis/ explanation of daily Prayer/Prayer/Tefillah, drawing insights from hundreds of sources

The Interaction of Kabbalah and Halacha in the ‘Aruch HaShulchan

A very thorough exposition of the subject, Rosen quotes extensive sources and puts his conclusions in a chart to easily see where Kabbalah has become mainstream practice

Adon Olam

The deeper meaning of Adon Olam as a Prayer/Tefillah