With Heart in Mind: Mussar Teachings to Transform Your Life

A weekly spiritual practice for developing a strong and open heart–drawn from Judaism’s Mussar tradition

Bridging the Gap

A guidebook that allows us to access the mussar classics in a meaningful and relevant way, providing us with the energy and direction needed to pursue the self-perfection and closeness to God that we crave.

Everyday Parenting for Everyday Parents

Fantastic book with very helpful ideas to raise a family – really useful tips and advice in dealing with everyday challenges that we face as parents in a relevant and thought provoking way.

Addictive Thinking: Understanding Self-Deception

A wonderful book for those with a family member struggling with addiction

Twelve Jewish Steps to Recovery (2nd Edition): A Personal Guide to Turning From Alcoholism and Other Addictions―Drugs, Food, Gambling, Sex…

Blends the spirituality of the 12 steps of AA with words from the Torah and the Talmud

Teshuvah Through Recovery – Experience the transformative power of the twelve steps

Insights into the psychological and spiritual aspects of addiction and the benefits of joining a twelve-step program