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The Complete Guidebook to Family Purity: For Men and Women

guides the readers from the young bride to the seasoned scholar through the complex laws of family purity in a refreshingly clear way, navigating the difficult topics with clear conclusions from sources ranging from Shulchan Aruch to modern-day Poskim. This book explores hundreds of common scenarios and provides answers to almost every question that may arise regarding these precious laws. Set out in three sections covering basic principles, a more advanced look at the halachos, and answers to relevant questions

Total Immersion: A Mikvah Anthology

collection of 50 essays and stories about the Mikvah. The issues of Mikvah and Jewish family purity are addressed from philosophic, psychological, mystical, legal, practical, historical, and personal points of view.

Bringing Our Voices Together

7 Women, 7 perspectives: Mikvah, Taharat Hamishpacha, Marriage (Shani TAragin, Jodi Wachspress, Nechama Barash, Danielle Renov, Tal Bassali, Chana Even-Chen, Yael Leibowitz, Rachel Hercman – moderator.

Mindful Mikvah: A Practical and Spiritual Mikvah Companion

grants a glimpse into the spiritual and emotional power of the different stages of the mitzvah of Mikvah, from separation, to counting, to Mikvah preparation to immersion itself. Learn the mystical meaning of the seven days of separation, review the basics in Mikvah preparation, and simply enjoy Immerse, a pocket-book size soft reminder of the beauty of this mitzvah.

A Hedge of Roses

Jewish insights into marriage and married life. This book presents, in brief form, the psychology and philosophy of the laws of Jewish family purity.

Intimacy and Sexuality Webinar

3-part webinar on Intimacy and Sexuality for Jewish Workshops in the winter of 2014. Recordings and powerpoints available.

Luxury Mikvahs Are Great, But We’re Missing The Point

while fountains and fireplaces are beautiful, a woman needs her soul nurtured at the Mikvah, too. And it starts with the attendants.