Natural Options for Halachic Infertility

Halachic Infertility describes the condition of a woman who ovulates before she has been to the mikvah, making marital relations with her husband impossible at the optimal (or perhaps only) time for fertility. A Fertility Consultant who works with halachic infertility discusses several treatment options.

Male Infertility | Dr. Philip Werthman, Rabbi Elan Segelman & Rabbi Moshe Kesselman

In this informative webinar presented by PUAH and Even LA, male infertility and urology specialist Dr. Philip Werthman and PUAH Rabbinic Advisor Rabbi Elan Segelman discuss the latest in male reproductive medicine and halachic questions. Moderated by Rabbi Moshe Kesselman.

Ever had a Miscarriage? READ THIS!

The following letter by Rabbi Moshe Wolfson was written to a woman following a miscarriage.

Halachic InFertility/Infertility: An Approach Through Natural, Non–Hormonal Options

Dealing with halachic inFertility/Infertility. Fertility/Infertility awareness based methods.

The Unintended Consequences Of Birth Control

Conversation with Sarah Hill, author of the new book, This Is Your Brain On Birth Control: The Surprising Science of Women, Hormones, and the Law of Unintended Consequences

Mind Your Own Womb

Poignant reminder for people not to ask questions about people’s children or lack thereof! Written by a Black American Muslim.

Male InFertility/Infertility: Halakhic Issues in Investigation and Management

Some of the diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for male inFertility/Infertility prompt significant halakhic concerns. Deals with coitus interruptis, masturbation, bi’a shelo kedarka, in this context.

Rabbi Anthony Manning’s Shiurim

A collection of shiurim with source sheets about Woman’s issues including hair-covering, tzniut, Birth Control, learning Torah, and more.