New Ideas?

You can have a tab box with either icons, images or nothing and then when you click on each text appears. BTW this is what the pink colour looks like 🙂

  • Icons

    Any you like

  • Pictures

    Don’t like this as much

  • Or plain


  • Another idea. Lists?

    What do you think?


No of core Mentors

  • 2016

    Core started

    Around the kitchen table

  • 2017

    Core started first incubator

    Corona did not deter us!


  • 2020

    Core rocked the world

    We shared ourselves with the masses

What do you think?

Which ones?

And we just type in question and answer ?

We can promote stuff and add in a button ‘call to action’

Another idea. Add in a Content Slider

Slide 1

Slide 2

Slide Title

Slide Content goes here

Website progress
What do we need to do to make it 100?
  • List Item 1
    € 100,-
  • List Item 2
    € 200,-
  • List Item 3
    € 300,-

Core Connecting Jewish women Strengthing Homes and communities