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Let’s Face It! The 8 Essential Challenges of Living

Engaging real-life stories show how everyone can cultivate Love regardless of life circumstances

Chofetz Chaim: Ethics of Speech

A full course of Lashon Harah and Rechilut: Articles, Reviews,: A system for learning and teaching the laws of lashon harah and rechilut, and practical solutions to situations

Lashon Hara Told Under Believable Circumstances

An in-depth Torah summary of the spoken word with sources throughout the Torah and applications

Lashon Hara

Inspirational podcast about taking care of ourselves

The Proposed Theories for Anti-Semitism- Part 2/3 and The Root Causes of Anti-Semitism, and Can it be Eradicated Part 3/3

Solutions for bringing the root causes mentioned in to end the sinat chinam, Torah sources, and a vast array of source material that a Mentor can take and research for herself, draw her conclusions from this series collection of source material.