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Power of Speech- Video Series

Online learning tools and inspirational videos for learning about the power of speech

Let’s Face It! The 8 Essential Challenges of Living

Engaging real-life stories show how everyone can cultivate Love regardless of life circumstances

Hungry to be Heard – Eating Disorders in the Jewish Community

A very powerful, stirring three minute video that should be used with discretion. Information can be derived from it, but it is not for all audiences. It sends a very strong message. Haunting.

Want to Be Happier? Stop Doing These Ten Things

Ten subjects that a speaker can elaborate on to give people an idea of what to do/not to do

How to Buy Happiness

This article talks more about “things” than Torah ideals, which a speaker/ discussion group leader can use as jumping off points for discussions.

3 Keys to Being Happy

This article can be used as a guide for allowing oneself to be happy. It is good on its own as a resource, or using the valuable numbered titles as discussion points.

Body and Soul

Rebbetzen Faigie Twerski is a timeless author. Her article on the Torah view of caring for our body as well as our soul is full of sound advice and important messages.