Marital Intimacy: A Traditional Jewish Approach

A Traditional Jewish Approach explores the complex and multifaceted subject of intimacy in the Jewish marriage.

OpEd: Sharing my Chassidic Perspective of ‘Unorthodox’ – Change Comes from Within

Response to “Unorthodox” by accomplished chassidic woman

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Blink reveals that great decision makers aren’t those who process the most information or spend the most time deliberating, but those who have perfected the art of “thin-slicing”–filtering the very few factors that matter from an overwhelming number of variables.

The Magic Touch : A Jewish Approach to Relationships

discusses the power of restraint, and how Sexual self-control is the best form of marriage preparation, giving single adults the best chance to find true Love. Taps into age-old wisdom to help you reclaim your individuality, your identity, dignity, self-worth, and sacred worth.

Kallah Teacher Training

Teacher training course taught over Zoom by Rochel Goldbaum, Sarah Karmely, Chana Carlebach. Contact

Art of Jewish Prayer/Prayer/Tefillah

Stimulating book with insights that make Prayer/Prayer/Tefillah come alive, that transform it into the most relevant of human activities, that make it what it should and can be — moments of strength and power, the miracle of man’s ability to talk to God and know that God is actually listening.