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Bodies, Curiosity, and Touching: A Parent’s Guide

Excellent series on child sexual abuse prevention, treatment and education. In English.

Talking About Intimacy and Sexuality: A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Parents

This book helps parents meet the challenge and engage in a scientifically factual, accurate, honest and helpful conversation about intimacy and Sexuality. It is rooted in the belief that we foster a commitment by engaging our children in thoughtful dialogue, sharing with them our values on these topics. Written from an Orthodox perspective.

Shidduch Dating During the Coronavirus / COVID 19

Practical chizuk and tips for shidduch Dating during social distancing.

How to Eliminate Worry, Fear and Anxiety From Your Life

Inspirational video encouraging us not to make decisions based on what other people think

Everyday Parenting for Everyday Parents

Fantastic book with very helpful ideas to raise a family – really useful tips and advice in dealing with everyday challenges that we face as parents in a relevant and thought provoking way.

My First Sing-Along Siddur

A photo-illustrated Prayer/Prayer/Tefillah book for pre-schoolers with a professionally produced music CD offering 41 tracks of sing-along songs that will keep children occupied for hours, while teaching them the morning Prayer/Prayer/Tefillah and various daily berachos.

A Marriage Made in Heaven: A Jewish Wedding Guide

A four-part series on Shalom Bayit given to Women at Aish/Ahavas Yisroel in Denver.