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Living in the Present Moment: A Divine Design

A thoughtful, well-constructed narrative filled with unique Jewish wisdom that will guide you past regrets and stop the immobilization that comes with fear of the future.

Let’s Face It! The 8 Essential Challenges of Living

Engaging real-life stories show how everyone can cultivate Love regardless of life circumstances


unusual, captivating true stories and essays.

Purim and the Psychology of Simcha

An exploration of the distinction between “happiness” and true simcha, and what really brings a person to a place of pure simcha and how that is reflected in Purim.

The Three Week Challenge

Send a short video to 1-718-902-6666 aying “HI AVI, MY NAME IS _______ AND I ACCEPT THE THREE WEEK CHALLENGE!!!” TIZKU LIMITZVOSS!

Spiritual Odysseys Personal Growth Philosophy 48 Ways Foundations Prayer/Prayer/Tefillah Kabbalah 101The Life-Transforming Diet

Health and nutritional principles of Maimonides.

Bridging the Gap

A guidebook that allows us to access the mussar classics in a meaningful and relevant way, providing us with the energy and direction needed to pursue the self-perfection and closeness to God that we crave.