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The Marriage Covenant: A Guide to Jewish Marriage

Translation of Hebrew “Ish Ve-Isha”. This volume discusses weddings, the marital relationship, Sexuality, and childbirth. Halakhic guidelines and rulings along with traditions, customs, and sound advice. Also addresses the emotional and psychological challenges of marriage. Includes a 56 page (soft cover) supplement: “A Guide to Marital Relations from a Torah Perspective”.

Hilchos Nidda Handbook

Great for kallas who can’t take notes. For a copy, contact Tova Rappaport 845-270-8484. Approved by Rabbi Dovid Haber.

Hold Me Tight: Your Guide to the Most Successful Approach to Building Loving Relationships

Good explanation of EFT – emotionally focused therapy. It tries to open up emotional vulnerabilities underlying the person’s over reactivity or shut down stance within a safe environment and with this understanding, it tries to substitute finger pointing with compassion.

36 Questions to Build Emotional Intimacy

List of increasingly personal questions designed to help people who are Dating get to know each other on a deeper level. From an experiment conducted by the author in the 1990’s.

How and Why to Hold a Weekly Marriage Meeting

Marriage therapist Marcia Berger suggests holding a weekly 30-minute meeting with your spouse that’s broken into four parts: Appreciation (expressing gratitude to your spouse), Chores (making sure to-dos are getting done), Plan for Good Times (scheduling date nights, as well as individual and family activities), and Problems/Challenges (addressing conflicts/issues/changes in the relationship and in life in general). This article is a summary of how to.

The Magic Touch : A Jewish Approach to Relationships

discusses the power of restraint, and how Sexual self-control is the best form of marriage preparation, giving single adults the best chance to find true Love. Taps into age-old wisdom to help you reclaim your individuality, your identity, dignity, self-worth, and sacred worth.