Taharat Hamishpacha: Enhancing Marriage through spirituality

Taharat Hamishpacha for Women who are new to mitzvah or are only ready to keep the absolute basics.

Maintaining Mindful Marriages

A series of zoom presentations about marriage during the pandemic – with Atara Eis and Abby Weisz

The River, the Kettle and the Bird: A Torah Guide to a Successful Marriage

Examines the necessary foundations of a fulfilling relationship: the goal of marriage, the criteria for choosing a mate, understanding the different natures of male and female, controlling anger and criticism, fostering Love, giving and gratitude.

Woman’s Anatomy and Sexuality

Helpful class on Woman’s anatomy and Sexuality. Contact Rivka at

What’s Happening Inside a Good Marriage? What’s Happening Inside a Bad Marriage?

On November 17, 2019, Rabbi YY Jacobson and marriage therapist Moshe Zeev Lamm, LCSW, conducted a full-day workshop for young Chabad men, who are Dating, engaged, or newly married.

Marriage Secrets: A Woman’s Guide to Make Your Marriage Even Better

Techniques that strengthen the connections between husband and wife. Examples: communicate for results, fill your “appreciation bucket”, move past resentments, connect deeply with your husband, use dozens of other vital strategies for success.

A Time to Dance – Marriage Tips with Humorous Quips

Deep and powerful messages in conjunction with humorous stories and jokes in the spirit of the classic Talmudic milsa d’bidichusa

A Tale of Two Brains

In this entertaining film, marriage expert Mark Gungor explores the differences between men and Women.

The Newlywed’s Guide to Physical Intimacy

Instructive and easy-to-read guide on Sexuality coming from the Torah observant community

Bringing Our Voices Together

7 Women, 7 perspectives: Mikvah, Taharat Hamishpacha, Marriage (Shani TAragin, Jodi Wachspress, Nechama Barash, Danielle Renov, Tal Bassali, Chana Even-Chen, Yael Leibowitz, Rachel Hercman – moderator.