How To Let Your Light Shine Bright: Inspiring Women of Goalcast

How to stumble and pick yourself up, refuse to give up on your dreams, and not let those who don’t believe in you break you. Teachers, mentors, parents should be careful with the way they speak to children, adult children, students and mentees. The one who is “down” learns to listen inwardlay rather than outrwardly.

Contemporary Thought

How to Find Light Within the Darkness: When it looks like we are at the end of our tether, use emunah to beef us up, and use our power of self to persevere. Great for discussion. Mentors can add the emunah, bitachon, and working through our problems bent to this.

Better to Light a Candle Than to Curse the Darkness

One can use one’s own darkest times to shed light and present opportunity to others more unfortunate. This is a lesson in both חסד and צדקה; helping people by building them up instead of dispensing “charity.” Although in French, the subtitles are good and the message is strong and can be used for explaining and demonstrating צדקה in its purest form.

Teshuvah Through Recovery – Experience the transformative power of the twelve steps

Insights into the psychological and spiritual aspects of addiction and the benefits of joining a twelve-step program

Living in the Present Moment: A Divine Design

A thoughtful, well-constructed narrative filled with unique Jewish wisdom that will guide you past regrets and stop the immobilization that comes with fear of the future.

Let’s Face It! The 8 Essential Challenges of Living

Engaging real-life stories show how everyone can cultivate Love regardless of life circumstances

Purim and the Psychology of Simcha

An exploration of the distinction between “happiness” and true simcha, and what really brings a person to a place of pure simcha and how that is reflected in Purim.

Lilmod Ulelamed: From the Teachings of Our Sages

A collection of essays summarizing the week’s portion and augmenting it with several well-written essays based on classical Jewish sources.