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Our Evolving Understanding of Genital Pain Disorders

Educators should also educate young women to not ignore pain in their genitals or difficulties they have with penetration or with inserting tampons, adds Binik. ‚Don’t ignore that. It may or may not be relevant, but it can be a warning sign for many women. If your initial sexual experience is painful or you have difficulty at your gynecologist, find someone who can help you with this. Don’t make believe it, its going to go away.
A multidisciplinary approach can be especially beneficial.

Alcohol Use and Sexual Risk Behavior: A Cross-Cultural Study in Eight Countries

Alcohol use and unsafe sex are common Behaviors and are responsible for a large proportion of the overall burden of diseases. However, very little literature exists on their co-occurrence and interactions including their likely contribution to HIV infection. This is in marked contrast to substantial literature on injecting drug use and HIV infection. The present publication is an initial attempt to fill this gap.

The Truth About Alcohol and Sex

Alcohol use increases the likelihood of unplanned and dangerous sexual liaisons with big lifetime consequences like parenthood, child support and diseases.

During Coronavirus Lockdowns, Some Doctors Wondered: Where Are the Preemies?

Hospitals in several countries saw dips in premature births, which could be a starting point for future research.

Leharot Kochot – Laledet Chaim: Hachana Yehudit L’laida.

(Hebrew book) Companion during and even before Pregnancy: from genetic screening tests, to a description of what goes on inside the uterus week after week and dietary recommendations to a description of the stages of birth and its course plus tips for dealing with labor pains. Relying on Jewish sources: pregnancies and births in the Bible and Talmud, laws and leaderships, sages’ midrashim and articles from Hasidism – all of which will provide you with the necessary mental and spiritual fuel during this significant period.


Rabbi Benjamin Goldschmidt interviews 2 shadchanim from Lakewood – discuss discrimination against Sephardim, emphasis on appearance, when they are forced to lie…

Nine Wonderful Months B’Sha’ah Tovah: The Jewish Woman’s Clinical and Halachic Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth/ B’Sha’ah Tovah (Updated, Revised & Expanded) – The Jewish Woman’s Clinical & Halachic Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

A complete guidebook including up-to-date clinical information; diagrams, illustrations and full-color photos of fetal development; prenatal care and laws of prenatal testing; nutrition, exercises, and Lamaze techniques; laws pertaining to childbirth and bris; inspiring Torah thoughts and commentary. Approved by leading Rabbinic and medical authorities.

Happy Birthday:A Jewish Woman’s Guide To Childbirth

Published 2001 – From getting into peak condition to choosing a childbirth Education class, from the how-tos of relaxation to knowing when to go to the hospital, this book covers it all. Labor support, due date, proactive labor and even how to interact with hospital staff, including today’s delivery room technology and options explained in clear, easy-to-understand layman’s terms. Good nutrition is made doable, with listings of common food values and answers to commonly asked questions about diet during Pregnancy. Relaxation techniques that work – including methods of breathing – are presented step by step, making them easy to follow. Contemporary childbirth is filled with decisions to be made. Hospital policies are spelled out, including their pros and cons, to help parents-to-be make what may be crucial choices. Throughout the book, real Women tell their stories.