Taharat Hamishpacha: Enhancing Marriage through spirituality

for Women who are new to mitzvah or are only ready to keep the absolute basics.


Info on hair covering – in brief, in detail, sources, and audio. Sections: Halachic Basis, Rationale and Meaning, Who is obligated?, How much to cover/Variations in custom, Where does it apply? (Deracheha is an initiative of Yeshivat Har Etzion in partnership with the Israel Koschitzky Virtual Beit Midrash and the Stella K. Abraham Beit Midrash For Women – Migdal Oz)

From Child to Man: A Jewish Boy’s Guide

For preadolescent frum boys: an overview of the Halachic and Hashkafic issues a young teenager faces

Gateway to Judaism: The What, How, And Why of Jewish Life

A thoroughly researched, comprehensive and very accessible look at the philosophical and ethical teachings of Judaism


The Jewish View of Sexuality