Did I do it right?? Mikvah with Tikvah: Jewish Rituals and OCD

Mikvah and OCD – The Halachos of Niddah in general, and of Mikvah in particular, are a fertile ground for OCD/Scrupulosity to rear its head and torture those who suffer with it. Short description of distinguishing features and treatment considerations.

The Eden Center

Wealth of resources related to Mikvah and Woman’s Health. The Eden Center focuses on enabling all Women to have a personally meaningful and welcoming experience in the Mikvah, providing support and resources for crisis and lifecycle moments and transforming the Mikvah into a vehicle to promote Women’s emotional and physical Health, intimacy and well-being. Increasing public awareness of issues of Women’s Health and Women’s well-being, including encouraging the intimate female voice in the context of marital Relationships.

The Jewish Way in Love & Marriage

Has some good chapters on the Hashkafa of Sexuality. Summarizes the Jewish view of marriage and explores the customs, practices, and symbols of the traditional wedding ceremony. Jewish law is also applied to such topics as premarital Sex, homoSexuality, and intermarriage.

OCD Mikvah Preparation Checklist

This checklist can be used by any woman and those having trouble estimating the amount of time they should use to prepare for Mikvah immersion. This list was approved by Rabbi Sholom Ber Chaikin, a Rav who deals especially with the laws of family purity. The timing allocations are suggestions, not Halacha, and is meant for usual circumstances.

Ohel Rachel – The Achievement of Oneness in Marriage

Abridged from Sefer Mishkan Yisrael, addresses the topic of mitzvah onah in the light of Jewish tradition. A resource for counselors of Taharat Hamishpacha and for kallot.

NISHMAT’S Center for Yoatzot Halacha

Yoatzot Halacha are Women certified by a panel of Orthodox rabbis to be a resource for Women with questions regarding Taharat Hamishpachah (an area of Jewish Law that relates to marriage, Sexuality and Woman’s Health). This role was devised to assist Women who are more comfortable discussing very personal issues with another woman. Website has detailed Q&A and resources in English, Hebrew, French, and Spanish. Atara Eis in charge of Nishmat’s American yoatzot program.

Hilchos Nidda Handbook

Great for kallas who can’t take notes. For a copy, contact Tova Rappaport 845-270-8484. Approved by Rabbi Dovid Haber.

Male InFertility/Infertility: Halakhic Issues in Investigation and Management

Some of the diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for male inFertility/Infertility prompt significant halakhic concerns. Deals with coitus interruptis, masturbation, bi’a shelo kedarka, in this context.