Month: Theme of the Month

Description of why we chose this theme

Each month there will be resources based on a theme of the month. These resources have been gathered for you and will include specific categories laid out as shown below. We hope these resources will be helpful to you in facilitating your groups.

As you peruse the broad selection of resources that we’ve gathered please bear in mind that we do not sift through each one with a fine toothed comb and therefore Core does not endorse any specific resource.  Core encourages you to use your judgment or consult your da’as Torah regarding the suitability of the content for your group. Core believes “chochma bagoyim ta’amin” and so there are valuable lessons to be found even in secular resources such as TED talks and craft and activity sites. We trust that you will winnow the grain from the chaff and glean the valuable material to be gained from those sources.

We are always looking to expand our collection so, if you find a resource of interest, please share! Click here to share an idea or a link that we can add to our resource bank.

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