Kislev: Shine Your Light

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Kol Berama

Music by Eitan Katz, Lyrics from Jeremiah 31:14-16.  A voice is heard on high. Rachel Imeinu is weeping for her children. She refuses to be comforted because they are not around. Hashem tells her, “Refrain from crying for there is reward for your work. There is hope for your future! Your children will return to […]

Leah & Rachel

Two Mystical Models of Avodas Hashem A 16-minute audio by Rabbi Aryeh Leibowitz

Jewish Mothers Day

Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh shares insight we can glean from our matriarch Rachel & the 11th of Cheshvan.

Our Mother Rachel

A video presentation by Rabbi Pesach Krohn Rachel Imenu – Life Lessons from Our Mother Rachel

TED Talk: Responsible Parenting

Austeja Landsbergiene shares her know-how on parenting in her talk “Responsible Parenting: Create Memories, Not Expectations”. She posits that the most important thing that parents have to give their children is unconditional love and childhood memories filled with kindness. Austeja is confident that by creating memories, not expectations, kids can flourish in their lives.

The Imahot: Source Material

The Matriarchs: Textual Study from Sefaria

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