Yocheved Pamensky

Yocheved Pamensky was born and raised in Los Angeles. 

While attending UCLA, she decided to study at Hebrew University for her junior year abroad.  This was the beginning of her journey towards a conscious connection to Hashem and Torah. Four days after she graduated, she returned to Israel to Neve Yerushalayim Seminary and then eventually switched to Eyaht to learn in a more intimate community.

Yocheved married her husband Aryeh Pamensky in 1990, and in 1995, they moved to Canada, where she currently lives. They raised a large family in Toronto, and most of her children have since moved back to Israel.

Yocheved is passionate about learning and sharing Torah.  She recently graduated as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. She has also been a kallah teacher and a mikvah attendant.  She loves yoga and loves striving for spiritual, physical and emotional health. She studied “marriage” extensively with her husband and taught a women’s only class as part of his popular marriage seminar. She now spends time coaching, keeping up with her children daily,  making shidduchim and visiting grandchildren in Cleveland Ohio and in Israel.