Yehudis Katz

After stating at different stages in her life, “I will never: Be a teacher, Marry a boy from Brooklyn, and Live in Toronto,” Yehudis Katz learned that the adage ‘never say never’ holds true.  Today she finds herself doing all three.

Originally from Passaic, NJ, she attended Meohr Seminary in Israel and developed a deep connection with the country. She decided to stay another year, acquiring a BA in Liberal Arts with a focus on graphic design. And then another year, practicing the profession in Aish haTorah of the Old City, while working as a madricha. And then another year to meet and marry her boy from Brooklyn, Shlomo Katz. While living in Jerusalem, they were blessed with 5 children, kn’h, and eventually joined the Center for Kehilla Development program for training in community building.

After a total of 15 years in Israel, the Katz family moved to Toronto to fill a position in the Forest Hill Jewish Centre with Olami, and to have their 6th child. Teaching kallahs and others, coordinating community events, and becoming a mentor and support for individuals in the community, are a few of the many ways that she has been putting her training and talents to use. Now, as a Rebbetzin in the Village Shul, she looks forward to continuing, with Hashem’s help, to bring His children closer to Him.