Yehudis Friedberg

Yehudis Friedberg (née Friedman) was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

In 1996 together with her new husband Yoni, she moved to Yerushalayim where she lived for the next 12 1/2 years. There she cared for her children, hosted hundreds of yeshiva bachurim for Shabbos meals, lead Mommy and me music groups and worked in Moreshet- a Kiruv/chinuch training program. 

In 2008 she moved to Monsey, NY.  She is still busy caring for her children, hosting yeshiva bachurim from her husband’s yeshiva and is a Rebbetzin for the JRE-a Kiruv center in Scarsdale NY. Yehudis also teaches kallahs, many from non observant backgrounds and is time after time inspired by the Jewish womens connection and adherence to Taharas Mishpacha. Hiking, swimming and dancing are some of her favorite things.