Sori Groner

Sori Groner was born, bred and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

After attending Bais Yaakov and BJJ for seminary, she began her teaching career. For several years, she taught Hebrew subjects in Bais Yaakov elementary school. When she completed her masters degree in Special Education, she worked as a special Ed therapist in addition to her part time teaching position at Manhattan High school. She later provided professional development through Catapult Services to local schools. She currently teaches some classes at Shaarei Binah Sephardic seminary in Brooklyn.

Sori’s husband is the Rav and Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Ateres Shimon, a young growing Yeshiva and Kehila located in Far Rockaway, N.Y.  As wife and Rebitzen, Sori strives to be available for the women in the community as a ‘friend’ and a listening ear.  Her goal is to maintain a comfortable cohesive group amongst the women, to inspire them in growth and learning.