Sari Ringer

Sari Ringer was raised in London by parents with strong Bais Yakov values, in a warm heimish home who lived their value of the importance of giving to others.  She uses these foundations in the way she leads her life. 

Sari spent many years volunteering time and energy to helping others in her community from school events to fundraising and various other charity works.  Sari loves learning and gaining knowledge.  Stemming from her greatest passion, shidduchim, and seeking to fill a need in her community, Suri established an organization called “Bais Neemon” focusing on shidduchim. She finds that one of her greatest strengths and an area where she feels tremendous fulfilment is through helping others.

Sari and her husband live and raised their family in Antwerp, Belgium. She’s a mother to 5 children and a grandmother to 4 K”h who are her first and foremost priority.