Sara Oppenheim

Sara Oppenheim grew up in Monsey in a trilingual home (Hebrew, Yiddish, English) and moved to Israel after she was married and lived there for 20 years. She and her family ultimately decided to return to the States to be involved with outreach and community building. They worked with the Dallas Kollel for two years before moving to Charlotte, NC.

Sara and her husband, Rabbi Chanoch Oppenheim,  run the Charlotte Torah Center. She is a mom to 5 children, as well as some adorable grandchildren. As Rebbetzin of the CTC, she partners with her husband in all matters concerning the shul, outreach, education, and programming.

Sara is a Kallah teacher, dating & marriage coach, Mikvah mentor and attendant as well as active in the Chevra Kadisha and is very passionate about sharing Jewish wisdom and Torah values with others through weekly classes  and one on one coffee dates as well as sharing Shabbat and Jewish Holidays by hosting lavish Shabbat and Yom Tov meals.

Sara is a Momentum Trip Leader and created a non denomination independent organization to empower Jewish women called W.O.W.–Women of Wisdom, whose members are women from all backgrounds.