Rochel Goldbaum


Rochel Goldbaum is an educator and mentor for Jewish women from around the world. She is the Director of Education for My Gift of Mikvah, where she trains kallah teachers and develops marriage educators, and a Co-Founder of Core, an organization that strengthens Jewish communities by connecting women.

She is the author of several books and resource materials on Taharas Hamishpacha for women of all backgrounds, runs a private dating mentor training program, and has an active private practice as a dating, marriage and intimacy mentor. Additionally, she is an adjunct educator at Aish Denver, a presenter for Sister to Sister, and a frequent lecturer for Tiferes.

In her former role as Program Director for JET in Ottawa, Ontario for 11 years, Rochel led dozens of women on the Momentum trip to Israel, where her passion to share the gift of Torah with every Jewish woman was ignited. Today, her desire to empower women, strengthen marriages, and unify the Jewish people has brought her to communities and audiences across the world.