Rena Schochet, MMC

Rebbetzin, Teacher, Coach, Public Speaker, Author, Community Educator

Rena Schochet brings decades of experience as a Rebbetzin and community mentor to Core.

She has spent time as an outreach director, a health and wellness coach, a Torah studies coach and a community mentor in Johannesburg, ?South Africa, Toronto, Canada, Silicon Valley (California), and now Jacksonville, ?Florida.

She has had experience extracting people from cults, leading bereavement and intimacy consultations, and facilitating groups in honing their interpersonal relationships.

Rena feels strongly that no question is silly, wrong, or unimportant.  believes that to listen is to be silent, to be ?silent is to hear, to hear is to be empathic, and that is what I love most in my ?relationship with people.

Rena authored the book, The Five Pivotal Points of Change: Achieving Change Through the Mindful PRISM Change Process.