Rachel Yaghobian

Rabbi Avraham and Rachel Yaghobian moved to Houston 21 years ago from Eretz Yisrael. 

Over the years they have certainly made their mark on the city.  YTE- the Yeshiva Day school was founded by them in 2004. Today its enrollment is over 450.

Their shul, Congregation Torah Vachesed, has been growing tremendously over the last 15 years. It is a hub for young Israeli families as well as Gerim. Rachel gives Torah Classes, Family Purity classes, Kallah classes, and childbirth education.

In 2014, the Yaghobians also built a Mikvah.  Rachel is the Mikvah director as well as a doula and a Bodekes.  Rachel also volunteers for Atime and HUGS.

Rachel’s impact in Houston is clearly noticeable.  She continues to invest her time, heart and efforts in supporting women, and this greatly impacts the city at large. She partners with others in town to create a collaborative atmosphere of comradery and strives to be Mekadeshet Shem Shamayim wherever she goes. 

The Yaghobians are proud parents of 8 beautiful children. Rachel is fluent in Hebrew, English and Spanish and her easygoing, caring and warm nature make her an attractive Rebbitzen for many to confide in and seek her guidance and support.