Liat Mayerfeld

Liat Mayerfeld was born in New York but grew up in Israel. After spending 2.5 years in the IDF military intelligence, Liat studied in Michlalah College, earning degrees in Special Needs Education and Tanach. Liat taught in various seminaries in Jerusalem before moving to the UK with her husband and family, joining Aish UK in 2000 as Womens’ Educational Director teaching in schools, on campuses and to young professionals and married women.

From 2014-2018 she and her husband also held the rabbinic position for Shomrei Hadath Synagogue in West Hampstead. Liat has been invited to lecture across the world in Denmark, Poland, Germany, Spain, Canada, Australia and South Africa. She also currently teaches for Seriously Souled, an online seminary that opened during Covid, since students couldn’t go to Israel. While teaching and educating, she is completing her MA in Jewish education.

Liat moved with her family to Manhattan four years ago, where she and her husband have opened a new organization, called Kii, dedicated to the thousands of young professionals in New York City. They provide social, educational and chesed opportunities across the city and enjoy hosting tens of young people every Friday night! Liat and her husband have taught and brought to the chupa hundreds of couples who would not have otherwise engaged with Jewish practice. Liat’s educational focus explores the depth and relevance of Jewish texts, with a special emphasis on women’s contemporary role in Judaism. She enjoys teaching a wide range of audiences from training Yeshiva teachers to introductory classes for unaffiliated Jews of all ages. Her philosophy is not to change people but to meet them where they are and show them the relevance of Torah to their 21st century life. Liat and her husband have 8 children, 3 of whom are married with 3 gorgeous grandchildren.