Eve Levy, MMC

Rebbetzin of The L’chaim Center

Eve Levy is what one may call a magnetic force. Her Jewish journey has taken her to live in some of the most beautiful cities in the world: Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, Jerusalem, Denver, and now Portland, Oregon. Her passion is helping Jewish women find their unique light, connect to their Judaism in a way that is meaningful to them, and help guide women along their spiritual journeys. Eve gets her inspiration from the hundreds of women whom she is privileged to work with.

Taking women to Israel to share her love of the land and of the Jewish people is Eve’s favourite work and she has been a city leader on the JWRP trips since 2010. Most recently Eve has created and lead a unique woman’s trip called The Poland-Israel Journey which is very dear to her soul, being a granddaughter of 4 Holocaust survivors. When Eve is not running inspirational programs or women’s retreats, for her community and for The Portland Kollel, she is either enjoying family time with her 6 children and husband, blogging, coaching, dancing, or baking challah.