Esther Yona Friedman

Esther Yona Friedman grew up in Milwaukee Wisconsin where her family ran a kosher food business.

Esther Yona learned from her family to love and respect all people and to feel a responsibility and commitment to helping Klal Israel. She and her husband now live in Chicago.  She is a DONA certified Douala as well as a Shaitel macher  for 34 years where she is uniquely positioned to informally talk , hear, learn and share with women.

In 2013 she began her work with SHALVA (Chicago lands oldest independent Domestic abuse agency) as the orthodox outreach coordinator.  She also created, implemented and coordinates SHALVA’s Orthodox Rabbinic Task Force.  Esther Yona enjoys providing dating coaching and facilitates a chabura for single women.  Esther Yona together with her husband, are active members of the community.