Esther Friedman

Esther Friedman grew up in Lugano, Switzerland. She married a Brazilian boy on the condition that they would not be asked to live in Brazil.

After living in Israel for 11 beautiful years and with 5 children, the Friedmans got a call from their parents in Brazil letting them know that help was needed in their business! The Friedmans decided to relocate to Brazil and were blessed with tremendous siyata dishmaya as they were offered jobs in limudei kodesh. Esther is  a teacher in Bais Yaakov and her husband is a magid shiur in a yeshiva ketana.

After a few years there was a need for a yeshiva gedolah so her husband opened one with just 5 boys. Today, 20 years later they have about 100 boys in the Yeshiva and her husband was asked to be a rav of the community.  Now empty nested with children all around the world Esther seeks to grow and dedicate herself to strengthening the community.