Elana Mizrahi, MMC

Women’s Health Practitioner, Educator, Writer, Parenting/Life Coach

Elana Mizrahi is a mentor, published author, writer, and lecturer.

She is passionate about helping Jewish women connect to Hashem,  themselves and to each other. In addition to teaching, Elana also specialized in Women’s Health, Infertility, Prenatal & Postpartum Care, Postpartum Depression, Birth and Fertility Related Trauma, Anxiety and works as a Doula, Birth Educator, Women’s Health Care Practitioner, Parenting Coach,Reflexologist, and Massage therapist. She teaches parenting classes (chinuch banim) and shalom bayit classes.

Elana brings Torah into her healing practice and healing into her Torah classes. Originally from the Bay Area, California and a graduate of Stanford University, she lives in Jerusalem with her husband and precious five children.

Elana speaks Spanish and Hebrew fluently and has a blog on the parsha.  She is honored to be a Core Mentor.