Chumie Scheiner

Chumie Scheiner grew up in Boro Park watching her father devote himself to heading the Shuvu organization for Russians in Israel along with many other community obligations with the indispensable help of her mother.

This gave her appreciation of the importance of the wife’s part of a couple devoted to the Klal. Being a Rebbetzin however was definitely not on the radar. But now she finds  herself as a spouse to a very active Rov of a young and growing community. Chumie is facing the challenges of a rapidly expanding role in dealing with many good women who are open for connection and guidance.

Chumie works as a speech therapist for Ichud Mosdos Hachinuch for developmentally challenged children which often means putting in a lot of time in the form of social work for the students and their families. Boruch Hashem, all this is along with her being there as a mother of  her eight children, five of whom are still at home.