Chaya Shaindel Rubin

Chaya Shaindel Rubin is from Detroit, Michigan. She and her husband moved to Israel where they completed the Ner L’Elef Kiruv Training Program. They then moved to Pinsk, Belarus with their three young children. They joined the Yad Yisroel Kiruv organization, served as dorm parents and taught Limudei Kodesh in the girls high school. 

Chaya Shaindel and her family moved back to Detroit to join the Partners in Torah organization, where she created their women’s division. She ran two “Missions for Moms” to Israel. For the past 12 years, she has taught ninth grade in Bais Yaakov High School. 

Chaya Shaindel is a kallah teacher, and also gives Taharas Hamishpacha refresher courses for local women.  

Her most fulfilling role is being a loving and caring wife, and mother to her seven children, ages twenty years to nine months old.