Chaya Major

Founding Director & Senior Mentor

Chaya Major is Core’s Administrative Assistant as well as the Program Coordinator for the Mentors Training Program Chaya brings her training and twenty-five years of experience as a social worker, individual and family therapist, dating mentor and shadchan to Core as she helps mould the Mentors Training Program.

Using her experience parenting her own triplets, twins and a singleton (all girls!), she guides others in their parenting journey.  Chaya also works as a mashgiach for the local Kashrut agency, is a shatnez tester and a volunteer for several community organizations.

When not busy with her family, work or volunteering, Chaya enjoys Palates, knitting, sewing and many types of crafts. She enjoys reading and recently completed reading the National Jewish Book Award Winners in Fiction from 1949 to present.