Aviva Zobin

Aviva Zobin was born and bred in London.

After high school, she was fortunate to spend time learning in Israel, both in BJJ seminary and for her BA in Maalot Yerushalayim. After a few years, Yerushalayim became her home, together with her husband and the children who followed. Aviva’s heart is still in Yerushalayim, but after eleven plus years, life led her back to London. She has worked in optics, exam-production and system-design for an educational resource company, and rabbinics.

She is currently a busy Rebbetzin and Ma’ayan for the Ner Yisrael community and an experienced kallah teacher. Aviva has completed the Kol Sarah Bradfield programme for Rebbetzins, the UK Chief Rabbi’s Ma’ayan programme, technical writing qualification and an advanced diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling. She enjoys music (used to play the accordion), graphics, reading, connecting with individuals, and primarily spending time with her family.