Aviva Yodaiken

Aviva Yodaiken was born in Dublin, Ireland. Her family made aliyah when she was nine, and she grew up in  Yerushalayim. 

Aviva served as an assistant to the dean of Michlalah, Rabbi Coperman, z”l, in the foreign student program. She worked as a counselor, getting to know each girl individually, and also led large study groups.  At the same time, she was also involved in Neve Yerushalyim where she tutored.

Years later, Aviva taught at Prospect Park High School for girls in Brooklyn. She was also active in the Jewish Renaissance Center headed by Rebbetzin Leah Kohn in Manhattan. 

One of her childhood dreams was to work in the medical field. After many years of teaching she decided to pursue that dream.

Currently, Aviva works as an oncology nurse, and teaches Jewish topics in a variety of settings.