¨Everything is good and part of Hashem’s plan!¨, says CORE mentor,  Aviva Polter, where it emanates from the depth of her soul and exudes from each of her pores. This cheery and positive wife, mother and grandmother  is on a mission to share with others her love and passion for Torah Marriage Fundamentals – a shalom bayis program she has created with the how´s of   creating and maintaining a  healthy and  vibrant marriage based on a Torah framework.  She does this by being a Marriage Mentor – “Achieving a blissful marriage, the Torah way”.  Developed over many years and with much life experience, training,  personal insight and wisdom. (Proof to this may lay in the fact that after 36 years of marriage, she recently moved to Lakewood , NJ where she currently works happily with her husband, side by side,  in an entrepreneurial start up, a courageous situation for many!)

Aviva is also a certified personal trainer, and barre instructor and has worked with women of all ages bringing them movement and exercise in and out of the water. She nurtures and develops her clients not just physically but spiritually as well as she brings beautiful Torah reflections and attitudes into everything she does.