Aliza Rothenberg

Aliza Rothenberg was born and raised in Jerusalem to an American mother and an Israeli father. 

Aliza attended Bais Yaakov schools and spent her summers as a camper and then staff in Israeli camp “Machanaim” and camp Sternberg in the States.  

Aliza was a tax advisor and worked in KPMG in the tax department. After seven years in the field she wanted to work with people so she became a makeup artist. 

Aliza’s husband was always teaching and working in Kiruv, in Technyun of Haifa and then in nefesh Yehudi in Jerusalem and Aliza enjoyed hosting and supporting. When they were offered to move to London and start an organization under Jewish futures for Israelis who live in London, they knew this was their next step. 

She now lives in London with her husband and five children and runs an Israeli community. She is a mother, Rebbetzin and mentor to hundreds. She hosts Friday night dinners for young professionals and families, runs a mother and baby group every week, leads women’s workshops, and hosts Jewish ceremonies as necessary.