Aliza Bulow

Founding Director

Aliza Bulow is an author, educator and mentor to Jewish women around the world. Before founding Core she directed Ner LeElef’s North American Women’s Program for 11 years where she coached rebbetzins and provided strategic development for outreach organizations in Canada, the US and Mexico.

Her love of Jewish texts and philosophy was developed at Michlelet Bruria, Hebrew University and Hunter College where she graduated with honors in Hebrew and Jewish Studies. In her early career, she worked for Partners in Torah and The Jewish Experience. Even before entering college, Aliza’s passion for strengthening Jews and the Jewish community led her to campaign on behalf of Soviet Jewry and build settlements in Israel while serving in Nachal. That early passion has only grown with time. Over the past four decades, Aliza has worked with hundreds of women in over 50 cities and 5 continents, strengthening the social fabric of Klal Yisroel.