Elisheva Hoffman

Elisheva Hoffman is the Chief Strategy Officer of Core. She works closely with the Director, Aliza Bulow, in developing and implementing Core’s ideas and programs.

She earned her BA through Shoshanim and Moreshet in Jerusalem, attended MECR to become a Montessori Educator and obtained her teaching licence from the University of Colorado. She brings themes from her years of teaching experience to her work, as she encourages a culture of independence, responsibility and community in Core.

As a teen, she served the community as board member of the Rose Youth Foundation and more recently she contributed as a board member of Hillel Academy, the local Jewish day school. In addition, she acted as a curriculum consultant at Ganeinu, a local preschool, and she helps coordinate the chesed for the Women of the West Side. After initiating and reaping the benefits of her own Core circle, Elisheva guides and encourages women to launch new circles. In her spare time, Elisheva enjoys playing guitar, organizing, and doing small home improvement projects.