Rabbi Avraham Edelstein, Rabbinic Consultant

Rabbi Avraham Edelstein is a Founder and Director of the Ner LeElef Institute for Leadership Training and a Founder of and Senior Advisor to Olami; He sits on the boards of numerous Jewish educational organizations around the world; He writes extensively on the interface of Judaism and the modern world.


Aliza Bulow, Founding Director

Aliza Bulow is an author, educator and mentor to Jewish women around the world. Before founding Core she directed Ner LeElef’s North American Women’s Program for 11 years where she coached rebbitzens and provided strategic development for outreach organizations in Canada, the US and Mexico. Her love of Jewish texts and philosophy was developed at Michlelet Bruria, Hebrew University and Hunter College where she graduated with honors in Hebrew and Jewish Studies. In her early career, she worked for Partners in Torah and The The Jewish Experience. Even before entering college, Aliza’s passion for strengthening Jews and the Jewish community led her to campaign on behalf of Soviet Jewry and build settlements in Israel while serving in Nachal. That early passion has only grown with time. Over the past four decades, Aliza has worked with hundreds of women in over 50 cities and 5 continents, strengthening the social fabric of Klal Yisroel.


Rochel Goldbaum, Co-Founder

Rochel Goldbaum is an educator and mentor for Jewish women from around the world. She is the Director of Education for My Gift of Mikvah, where she trains kallah teachers and develops marriage educators, and a Co-Founder of Core, an organization that strengthens Jewish communities by connecting women.  She is the author of several books and resource materials on Taharas Hamishpacha for women of all backgrounds, runs a private dating mentor training program, and has an active private practice as a dating, marriage and intimacy mentor. Additionally, she is an adjunct educator at Aish Denver, a presenter for Sister to Sister, and a frequent lecturer for Tiferes.  In her former role as Program Director for JET in Ottawa, Ontario for 11 years, Rochel led dozens of women on the Momentum trip to Israel, where her passion to share the gift of Torah with every Jewish woman was ignited. Today, her desire to empower women, strengthen marriages, and unify the Jewish people has brought her to communities and audiences across the world.


Elisheva Hoffman, COO

Elisheva Hoffman is the Chief Operations Officer of Core, she works closely with the Director, Aliza Bulow, in developing and implementing Core’s ideas and programs.  She earned her BA through Shoshanim and Moreshet in Jerusalem, attended MECR to become a Montessori Educator and obtained her teaching licence from the University of Colorado. She brings themes from her years of teaching experience to her work, as she encourages a culture of independence, responsibility and community in Core. She served on the Rose Youth Foundation board and she currently serves on the board of Hillel Academy. In addition, she is a curriculum consultant at Ganeinu, a local preschool, and she coordinates the chesed for the Women of the West Side. After initiating and reaping the benefits of her own Core circle, Elisheva guides and encourages women to launch new circles. In her spare time, Elisheva enjoys playing guitar, organizing, and doing small home improvement projects.

Chamie Haber, Core Mentor Trainer

Chamie Haber brings her experience in chinuch as well as working alongside her husband as Rav and Rebbetzin of Congregation B’nai Israel in Norfolk, VA to Core as she mentors other Jewish women.  Chamie is passionate about creating connections and warmth among Jewish women, and is excited to bring chizuk to klal yisrael’s Core, our nashim tzidkaniyos. Chamie recently transitioned from teaching preschool for many years to educating and coaching kallahs, women of all stages in their lives and is a certified dating coach. She uses the same principles that she used with her 3-year-olds: creating curiosity, encouraging self sufficiency and conflict resolution, teaching respect for others, exploring our heritage, asking important questions, getting answers and digging deeper… in her adult education and relationship building. She thanks Hashem for her five amazing children, ages 2-15, who she views as her greatest blessing!  


Chana Miriam Barak, Resources Coordinator

Chana Miriam Barak is Core’s resource developer.  She invests positive energy into making Core’s website, CoreTorah.org, a beautiful platform replete with inspiring and thoughtful content.  Through work on the website, she marries her passion of presenting Torah creatively through projects and art with her passion for her yiddishkeit and helping others see the beauty in Hashem’s world. She actively works on being m’chazeik her community through annual retreats, Rosh Chodesh events and activities, as well as family events and more. Chana Miriam currently resides in Plano, TX with her husband and children.

Rachel Cohen, Resources Collaborator

Bio coming soon


Eve Levy, Guides Training Program Coordinator

Eve Levy is Core’s Guides Training Program Coordinator.  She has extensive experience leading women on inspiring trips to Israel and other locations to develop their spiritual identity and connection with the Jewish People.  Eve, along with her husband, is a graduate of the Jerusalem Kollel and currently serves alongside her husband as the rebbetzin of a sefaradi congregation in Portland, OR. She brings her experience and passion to Core as she develops and launches the Guides Training Program.  When Eve is not running inspirational programs or women’s retreats, for her community, she is either enjoying family time with her 6 children and husband, blogging, coaching, dancing, or baking challah.

Chaya Major, Administrative Assistant

Chaya Major is Core’s Administrative Assistant as well as the Program Coordinator for the Mentors Training Program.  Chaya brings her training and twenty five years of  experience as a social worker, individual and family therapist, dating mentor and shadchan to Core as she helps mold the Mentors Training Program. Using her experience parenting her own triplets, twins and a singleton (all girls!), she guides others in their parenting journey.  Chaya also works as a mashgiach for the local Kashrut agency, is a shatnez tester and a volunteer for several community organizations. When not busy with her family, work or volunteering, Chaya enjoys Palates, knitting, sewing and many types of crafts. She enjoys reading and recently completed reading the National Jewish Book Award Winners in Fiction from 1949 to present.