22A0DF64-4BDF-4246-B8BB-080F2BA06BF5Rochel Goldbaum, Mentor Rochel is a highly sought after international speaker who has taught Jewish women for over 15 years.  Her effervescent joy and engaging style has drawn many to her classes and lectures focusing on the topics of parenting, self development, marital harmony, and intimacy in the Jewish home. In addition to her teaching, Rochel is a dating and relationships coach in her home town of Denver, Colorado. She is  the proud mother of seven children and grandmother of three. Rochel is passionate about the success of the Jewish Nation, which, she understands, starts with the Jewish home. As such, she partnered with Aliza Bulow as Core’s Co-Founder to work together on strengthening the Core of the Jewish people.

Founding Director

Aliza Bulow, Mentor Aliza Bulow has been a Jewish Educator for over twenty five years teaching practical Jewish philosophy, basic Judaism and textual learning skills to adults. She was educated both in Israel and America, served in the IDF, and was most recently the national coordinator of Ner LeElef’s North American Woman’s Program and the Senior Educator for The Jewish Experience in Denver, Colorado, before moving on to Core. Aliza teaches both locally and nationally, mentors women who work in Jewish Adult Education and Outreach, and provides consulting for Jewish Outreach organizations across the country. Her husband and eclectic brood of young-adult children, children-in-law, grandchildren and “adopted” children offer her insights, support and opportunities to continue learning, growing and sharing.

196954BE-CCCF-4F32-858C-E4814B0CBFBDRena Schochet, Mentor My name is Rena Schochet, and I am so excited to meet our CORE members, connectors, resource people and mentors. As the wife of a Day School principal, we had the opportunity to travel to different communities as far-flung as Johannesburg, South Africa, Toronto, Canada, Silicon Valley (California), and now Jacksonville, Florida. During our time in each of the communities, I have had the opportunity to meet and become close to many people.‎ Rabbi Binyomin Steinberg, A”H was the principal of BaisYaakov in Baltimore when I was in High School. He taught my class, and I learned a vital principle from him: no question is silly, wrong, or unimportant. To learn is to question, and to question is to deepen the learning opportunity. This principle applies not only in the high school classroom, but also to life, and especially learning in Yiddishkeit.‎ One of my favorite answers to the question, what made you decide to become a coach is, I did not set out to become a coach, coaching chose me. When I was an outreach director, a health and wellness coach, a Torah studies coach, or any other coaching that found me, it was because I love to listen. To listen is to be silent, to be silent is to hear, to hear is to be empathic, and that is what I love most in my relationship with people. I was able to meld my coaching experience with the training I received in extracting people from cults, bereavement and intimacy consultations, and facilitating groups in honing their interpersonal relationships. My book, The Five Pivotal Points of Change: Achieving change through the Mindful PRISM Change Process ties in to helping people work their way through the ladder of change in a methodic and appreciative manner. I look forward to organizing CORE groups – I am about to start on my third group in my hometown – to facilitating and mentoring whenever the opportunity comes my way.

Shulamis Muller, Mentor Shulamis lives in Denver Colorado with her husband and six children. While she remains focused on her family, she has begun to branch out into life coaching, specializing in dating, interpersonal relationships and self awareness. Additionally, she is involved with her local community on a number of different fronts, including her Shul, the Day School, building CORE, and the local Chevrah Kadisha. She loves learning about human behavior and self growth, is passionate about helping others gain self awareness, and giving them tools to shift their perspectives so that they can see their lives in a better light, and live a more content life.

Yoni Schlussel, Mentor Bio coming soon