What is CORE?

Core inspires, educates, and connects women, supporting them as they strengthen Klal Yisroel.

Our vision

We imagine a world in which Orthodox women are so connected with Hashem, His Torah, and with each other that the warmth of Torah radiates through them to others, creating communities that are so warm and inspiring that everyone born into them wants to stay, and everyone else wants to join.

Core believes in the infinite potential of every Jewish neshama.

Core trains and guides women to build relationships, homes, and communities in Klal Yisroel, that create space for meaningful growth and connection.

Core invests in and supports those wishing to strengthen their communities so that more people will make the effort, more efforts will be successful, and more successes will endure.

Core prides itself on being generous and not proprietary:  It’s ideas, model, and resources are freely available and may be used, redistributed, and modified according to the needs and tastes of those using them.

Ultimately, Core believes that a vital pathway to facilitating the emergence of the greatest potential in individuals and communities is through “creating spaces in which others flourish”.


Core believes in the infinite potential of every Jewish neshama.

  • It facilitates connection with Hashem.
  • It facilitates connection with the Torah.
  • It facilitates connection with the Jewish people.
  • It builds/nourishes individuals.
  • It strengthens marriages/homes.
  • It strengthens communities.
  • It creates a space in which others flourish.



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